PirateMoo's GitBook

If you like my notes gitbook, please visit my main page at: https://www.piratemoo.com/


Hey there stranger! I'm moo and I enjoy tearing things down in order to discover how they work. I'm a problem and puzzle solving enthusiast.
I also compete in CTFs like Metasploit, Defcon, CCDC and The Diana Initiative, along with doing write-ups on Hack The Box and TryHackMe machines (please check https://www.piratemoo.com if interested). I enjoy documentation about various flaws/vulnerabilities and have volunteered at many conventions like Defcon (Blue Team Village), Hacking Diversity, HOPE (Hackers On Planet Earth) and The Diana Initiative; along with winning a WISP (Women in Security & Privacy) scholarship to attend Defcon a few years back where I got to see and participate in my first ever CTF game (I did not realize how awesome HTB/THM and many CTF's were until this year however)!

What is this GitBook About?

This is a place for me to stash my notes as I learn and share them with you, the reader.
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